Hawkes Homestead

Located in New Rockford, North Dakota, Hawkes Homestead is an animal sanctuary nestled in the fifth-generation North Dakota farmstead belonging to the family of founder Jessica Hawkes. An animal sanctuary that does not discriminate, Hawkes Homestead is currently home to over 100 residents, including pigs, goats, horses, chinchillas, an escape artist donkey, curmudgeonly llama, chickens, barn cats, and more! Many are permanent residents, but Jessica always makes an effort to find loving homes for those who can be placed. Part of the work of Hawkes Homestead includes helping rehabilitate abused or neglected animals to help them learn to live and love again.

Hawkes Homestead is in the process of becoming a registered 501(c)3 organization. While they’re not tax-deductible just yet, donations help keep the Homestead running and able to care for all its residents. Donations help with food, healthcare, and general upkeep. Donate today! You can also check our Donate page to see what items are needed the most.

To get frequent updates on the Homestead and its cast of characters, be sure to follow us on Facebook! Of particular interest are the Anti-Anxiety Animal Posts (or #AAAP), where Jess introduces the various residents and their exploits.